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Opening Party

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Free entry

Join us in celebrating the new location of De Sering: a 300m2 old factory hall near Sloterdijk train station. Expect cheap and tasty food, live music and DJs until late in the night. Additionally, friends of De Sering will give us a taste of the activities that you can expect at De Sering going forward.



18:00 - 19:00
20:30 - 21:30
22:00 - 23:00
23:00 - 01:00
01:00 - 03:00 DJ set (TBA)

Food and drinks

Bar opens at 14:00
€2.50 vegan curry by De Sering
Pizza by Picollo Forno Vinz


(times subject to change)
15:00 - 17:00 T-shirt stamping
16:30 - 18:00
15:00 - 17:00
17:00 - 18:00

Opening De Sloot

Our new location is located on the grounds of theater incubator De Sloot. Along with De Sering, De Sloot will have their grand opening in the form of a 2-day theater festival.

Thursday May 26th

The first day of the opening of De Sloot. For some shows you must pay a contribution that will directly benefit the creators. For more information and the program visit

Our expirimental restaurant TestTafel will provide dinner on this day. In order to join, a reservation is required. You can do that through this form on our website.

Friday May 27th

The grand opening of De Sloot will continue with more theater. These shows will be at the same time as the opening of De Sering.

It's possible to visit both the shows at De Sloot and De Sering opening party. Just keep in mind that some theater shows require a sign-up in advance. Check for details.

The full program of De Sering is freely accessible without sign-up.

Practical info

Here are all the practical details you need to know:

  • The grand opening of theater incubator De Sloot is on the 26th and 27th of May
    • For the full program and sign-up see
    • Go here to make a reservation for TestTafel on May 26th
  • The opening of De Sering is on May 27th
    • We will open at 14:00 and close at 03:00
    • Entry is free, no sign-up is required
  • Our address is Rhoneweg 6 in Amsterdam. This is within walking distance of Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station.

Blue Dog

Blue Dog writes music for a broken planet filled with fragile people. His Songs of the Anthropocene are a darkly comic - and sometimes just dark - journey to the recesses of human failure, and there, once in a blue moon, he encounters something of extraordinary beauty.

More info

Mungo Bungo

This high energy groove-based trio is a melting pot of cultures freshly squeezed and bottled into one of the sweetest nectars around. Their music draws elements from Southern Africa, the Balkans and contemporary music, producing a variety of flavours to quench your thirst.

James McClure (ZA) - Trumpet & percussion
Salvoandrea Lucifora (IT) - Sousaphone
Nikos Thessalonikefs (GR) - Drums

More info

Eckhardt and the House

Eckhardt And The House is the project by producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and actor Rik Elstgeest.

When Eckhardt And The House started they treated the listener to laid-back, easy listening, trendy nerdy and surprisingly accessible hipster sounds. Over the years Eckhardt And The House has developed towards a more uptempo and danceable indie sound but certainly didn't lose any charm. The band has been taking elements from pop to avant-garde to funk and twisted it all up into a signature sound with wild experimentation and disregard for the norm.

More info

Macramé Workshop

@seaofhours will give a Macramé Workshop together with @jorienl95! For only a few euros you can make your own plant hanger with them. If you want to be assured of a spot, send a DM to @seaofhours on instagram.

More info

Manu Fica

This female DJ duo will heat up De Sering with their love for music and vinyl. Expect a set that will get you moving, not limited by borders or genres!

More info

Guerilla Repair

Reduce, Reuse, Refuse!

Rewear, Repair, Rebel!

At Guerilla Repair the rebels from XR Fashion Action will repair clothing and teach people that want to learn how to do it themselves. They will meditate on the clothes, hand out clothing patches and help you breathe new life into your clothes!

Bring with you: an item of clothing to repair

More about XR Fashion Action

Toxic Rave Workshop

Join this workshop to practice and learn the Toxic System Rave. Everyone is welcome! The Toxic System Rave (see video) is a flashmob that XR Fashion Action regularly performs as a protest against the fast-fashion industry.

Through this performance, XR Fashion Action sheds a light on all the ways in which fast fashion contributes to the toxic system. Such as the exploitation of workers, the encouragement of overconsumption and the disastrous impact that fast fashion has on the climate.

More about XR Fashion Action