TestTafel is a restaurant that pops up every Saturday and Sunday to serve a 7 course meal (including amuses, bread, and coffee bites) for just €20. Our menu is an eclectic collection of recipes we have been wanting to make for years, dishes stolen from our favourite chefs, and recipes found in obscure cookbooks.

With dinner we serve cocktails, homemade lemonades, and our favourite cheapy wines. All of this takes place at a secret location in the centre of Amsterdam (the location will be revealed when we confirm your reservation).


For our food we kindly ask you to make a donation. The suggested donation is between €20 and €30 per person. We will always serve you a full menu, and we can take most diets and allergies into account. For example, we also serve fully vegan or vegetarian menus.

We encourage everyone to donate the amount that they feel comfortable with, based on whatever reasons they may have. Please don't worry about donating too little. Even with just €20 donations we can continue operating TestTafel.

Additionally, you can order drinks at a fixed price. We try to keep the drinks about two or three times as cheap compared to a normal restaurant.

Updated COVID-19 policy

Due to recent coronavirus developments and the limited amount of space we have, our COVID policy is more strict than usual. Currently we ask all our guests to show both:

  1. An official CoronaCheck QR code with a proof of identity (such as an ID card)
  2. a physical negative self-test result

You can do the self-test at home shortly before you leave for TestTafel. Please bring the physical result (the test itself, not a picture of the test!) to TestTafel. If you don't have a self-test you can get one from us at the door and test yourself at the venue.


Due to opening hours restrictions in the current COVID-19 policy, we are serving lunch instead of dinner. Reservations can only be made for a minimum of 4 people.

You can view avaible dates and reserve a spot for yourself or a group of people through our reservation form. This form will be updated with new dates each week.

Click here to go to the reservation form


You can place a reservation through our reservation form. For any other questions you can reach us at testtafel@desering.org

Get updates about TestTafel through our Whatsapp broadcast group

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