Contributing to De Sering

We're looking for a new home!

We are looking for help with finding our own long-term location. If you have experience with for example local government, real estate, the law or finance, we could really use your support. If you want to help us out in any way, please let us know you're interested by filling in the form below or sending a message to 0684292366.

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Cooking and the weekly open meeting

Every Sunday between 13:00 and 17:30 we cook the food for the upcoming week. At 17:00 you can join us for a short talk about De Sering and our future plans. At 17:30 we serve free food for anyone present. At 18:00 we hold our weekly open meeting where we decide on the future of De Sering and all related projects. The cooking, talk and meeting all take place at our office at stadhouderskade 141. You can always come by if you wish. If you have any questions you can email or call us at 0684292366.

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